translated from Spanish: Rains in Nuevo Laredo left flooding and mines

Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas (agency reform)-torrential rains that struck Nuevo Laredo in the early hours dragged cars and flooded parts of the city, reported Omar Enríquez, holder of Civil protection and Bomberos.Lee also: register gas leak in duct from Pemex city MaderoEl municipal official pointed out that the rains began around 1:00 and in four hours fell about 76 millimeters of water in the city.

Seven colonies of the city were those that suffered more damage. Photo: Agency reform major damages occurred in the central zone and in the colonies Juarez, Infonavit, Buena Vista, la Joya, La Sandia, 150th anniversary, Lomas del Río.
«Colonies were flooding, these effects are still being evaluated, some were lower, » said Enriquez.

The streams of the colonies new age and Francisco Villa overflowed due to the large amount of water, he said, but are already back in their normal course.» There were cave-ins on Belden and Leona Vicario from side to side of the street, where evacuated themselves to two families who were with their families, due to the possibility of their House to be hit by the softening of the Earth, and can make falling from the walls», explained. Anahuac, between Leandro Valle and Santos Degollado, was formed in another tunnel, where it fell from a truck driver type Suburban.En Jesús Ávalos point and Dionisio Carreón, two vehicles were swept away by the strong current of water, until Brook, Fortunately they were not busy. Read also: seize Sedena 2mdd in point of review the ComaEl director of Civil protection and firefighters said that support was provided to 16 people to remove their vehicles from flooded streets and three families has helped them to get to their homes. Tours of avenues, squares and bridges threw the detection of paupers, who were temporarily transferred to Civil protection shelters to accommodate them. On the other hand, Enriquez urged parents to attend the fair and exhibition border, so take precautions with their children, using the phone intelligently and take them photos with clothes coming out of the House.

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