translated from Spanish: Suspended Commission for operation hurricane after absence of Mahmud Aleuy

discomfort generated the absence of the former Deputy Secretary of the Interior, Mahmud Aleuy, the Research Commission of the Chamber by the operation hurricane. The instance would take place today, but was suspended once the former Minister excused to go through a document.» In my capacity as Deputy Minister of the Interior, and within the scope of my responsibilities, did all the necessary actions to denounce and clarify the facts linked to the so-called ‘operation Hurricane’ require, both administrative as legally, regardless of any prior knowledge of this, by prohibition express of the Constitution and the law», said Aleuy.Y went on to say that» in this matter, it is not possible to separate the legal nature of the political nature in the » actions of the authority. It is not possible to separate the political responsibilities of the law, especially constitutional responsibilities», we read in the office received by the Secretary of the Committee, Álvaro Halabí.Con, said that»according to our legal system legal, you cannot have a history or formulate opinions on matters under investigation of constituent acts of crimes, scope of exclusive domain of the public prosecutor’s Office, materials subject to pending cases, whose avocamiento is expressly forbidden in the Constitution for rulers and legislators». Criticisms were not long in coming and took voice through Deputy Miguel Mellado (RN), who lamented that «after so many attempts to search for the direction of the Lord Aleuy, so that it came to deliver what he knows to the hurricane Committee,» which has not He said. Also, I continue saying that he regretted that «it did not have pants to come to address the members, who must issue a political judgement on the performance of it and of all institutions that operated in operation hurricane», he concluded.

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