translated from Spanish: The British nobility billionaire looking for spouse to inherit his fortune

home weird world the British nobility billionaire looking for spouse to inherit her fortune Britain-Benjamine Slade, a member of the nobility b ritanica of 72 years of age, went to a television show to announce that it is looking for a much younger spouse to inherit his fortune to him and take care of their descendants.
Entrepreneur, far right, attended the show «Good Morning Britain» to publicize the requirements of your next spouse. He pointed out that it should be a woman between 30 and 40 years and to not measure more than 1.65 meters tall.
Also noted in the interview that the girl will have a credit card, with an annual Monetary Fund of 50 thousand pounds sterling, that is, one and a half million pesos, «so you buy what you want».
Mr Slade ensures that it will take your spouse to exotic places, will taste magnificent meals and will have secret holiday.
Social reactions were swift, due to the irreverent of the fact. However, Slade made it clear that he decided to make the announcement because despite having «many fabulous brides», all have more than 50 years, so it cannot meet you your dream give offspring.

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