translated from Spanish: The importance of evaluating your company

consultants specialized in process management agree that the constant evaluation of the operation of the company is equivalent to increase productivity, competitiveness and, consequently, the company’s growth.
One of the main challenges in the process of each company is the management of documents. According to giro, the complexity and specializing in document management will entail a solution to keep them sorted and archived correctly to be able to share them between internal and external collaborators. A proper handling of documents allows you to save money and space.
The processing of information in any organization is critical. It involves human capital and physical storage space. It also requires care on the integrity of the documentation and preservation of their security. This added to the speed that is required to access archived information.
Among the alternative that can offer solutions for document management by means of multifunctional devices, Japan’s Kyocera in Mexico offers the Total Document Solutions (TDS) to make a diagnosis of a time that identifies the challenges of the business and streamlines your workflow, since a document is generated to your file and shelter.
The TDS assessment has been used in educational institutions, government offices and businesses looking to reduce the complexity and cost of their document processes.
Kyocera diagnostic is generated from a first key step: listen to key personnel to understand the way it operates and its document-related processes. In this assessment the hardware and software used in the company, as well as volumetric data, power and cost estimates are also examined.
In the majority of cases, the test discover simple and intuitive solutions that improve productivity and control costs. In this way, the TDS evaluation may suggest improvements that offices had not considered to introduce technological efficiencies. The result is delivered in a report that shows exactly what processes can optimize in the case studied and how much money you can save.
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