translated from Spanish: The Mostra of Venice surrenders to the undeniable «Rome», Cuarón

was the favorite and or the fact that his friend Guillermo de el Toro was the Chair you of the jury, has cast doubts the undisputed victory of the film more personal Cuaron, which in a neorrealista black and white recounts his childhood in the city of Mexico.
The delicacy with which Cuaron shows his memories fully convinced the jury, which also were Naomi Watts, Trine Dyrholm or Christoph Waltz.
A León Oro decided unanimously»absolute» of the nine members of the jury-«9-0», said del Toro – and that was very well-received in the press room.
«You have to understand the past to avoid repeating the same mistakes in the future,» he said of the bull, for whom «Alfonso film speaks of multiple dimensions of existence».
«It’s a fresh and at the same time an intimate portrait (…) It should reflect in order to understand the present of the Mexico that we are», he added a film produced by Netflix and which for that reason did not go to the Festival de Cannes.

Del Toro was commissioned to announce the award to his friend-«Let me see if I know how to correctly pronounce the name,» joked – with which melted into a hug, a point highlighted by Cuaron at the post-fight press conference.
«It is very significant to be here in Venice. «Even more significant and surreal receive him (León Oro) by Guillermo de el Toro», said Cuaron, who stressed that to collect the prize at last he was able to speak with his friend, even if it was only to «greet him and give him a hug».
Giving voice to the weakest with Oro León hands, the Mexican Director referred to the importance of that voice the weakest film and acknowledged that his story is of a slightly perverse «complexity», about the relations between classes.
Because «Rome» has the childhood of the director in the city of Mexico and the relationship his family had with women who looked after them, two indigenous interpreted by Yalitza Aparicio and Nancy Garcia.
«I didn’t see them as women and their complexity, as indigenous people», said Cuaron of a film which «speaks of true invisibility of large segments of the societies in the world».
The other winners the second award in importance, the Grand Prize of the jury – silver – León was for «The Favourite», a film in which Yorgos Lanthimos gives a twist to the cinema of time and has a great interpretation of the British Olivia Colman , a fair Volpi Cup for best actress.
It was a great favorite for his role as Queen Anne in 18th-century England, as also it was Willem Dafoe, who became with the Volpi Cup male for his portrayal of Van Gogh in the last months of his life, narrated by Julian Schnabel in «At Eternity completo Gate».
Least expected was the silver León for best director for the French Jacques Audiard in its first project in English, «The Sisters Brothers», a western comedy that was the favorite of the public.
And other films expected to be in the past was «The Nightingale», the only competition directed by a woman, Jennifer Kent.
It is doubly. The film, which is set in Tasmania in the 19th century and has a history of abuses of women and Aboriginal people, but also of revenge, took the special jury prize.
But in addition Baykali Ganambarr won the Marcello Mastroianni Award for the best emerging player for his role in the film by Kent and took the opportunity to pick it up and assert the Aboriginal cultures.
Palmares was completed with the award answered and unexpected overnight, the of best screenplay brothers Ethan and Joel Coen, for «The Ballad of Buster Scruggs», a set of six irregular western stories ranging from the absurd comedy to drama.
Awards decided the most unanimously-«anyone by majority and none protested»- and that they are the result «of the dialogue among 21 films and nine human beings», said Bull.

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