translated from Spanish: «There are many people in the United States, which wants and respects Mexicans»: the message of unity of the «Godmother of Punk» Patti Smith

with a seemingly-int Act freedom of spirit and sensitivity that excites, captivated the audience of the Hay Festival, which takes place from 6 to 9 September in the Mexican city of Queretaro, where she was a guest star.
He took to the stage Friday after an epic storm that flooded the streets and, as later explained, inspired her to write.
The big 3 revolutions of the pop music, according to the science challenge yourself: are these verses poetry or reggaeton?
There, in addition to interpreting various songs and beyond (such as «Imagine», John Lennon’s) together with the guitarist Lenny Kaye, nicknamed «Godmother of punk» read two poems that emphasize its relationship with Mexico, a country that said love.
The first was «Red Song» («red»), inspired by the paintings of Diego Rivera.
Patti Smith read some of his poems to the audience and then came «Catastrophe», the poem dedicated in 2012 to his admired Chilean writer Roberto Bolaño after reading his book «2666», in which the murders of women in a town called Santa Teresa , and that it is Ciudad Juarez, are an open wound.
A daughter of a worker in a factory and a waitress icon, has in his youth had no fear of poverty, have to sleep in the subway, provided that he could devote himself to art.
And that’s what makes at least since 1967, when he moved to New York City and began to participate in the art scene of Manhattan, where he began his relationship with photographer Robert Mapplethorpe and she recounted in his memoir «Just Kids» («we were kids» (, in Spanish).
The so-called «Godmother of punk» is considered an icon of the 70’s estadounidensePero soon incorporated the music his poems and his first album, «Horses», Smith became an icon, and the disk into a defining sound of 1970’s.
On Saturday in Queretaro followed captivating the public during his conversation with the editor of sixth floor Diego Rabasa, where he spoke of his artist, literature and politics – condition included his disgust with the current President of United States, Donald Trump–and He reeled off his original vision of reality.
«I’m not Donald Trump» when it came the inevitable question from the audience about the «outrage» against migrant children Central Americans in the United States, Smith was declared «ashamed» and «angry», but also wanted to elaborate on its message of union and fraternity.
«Every day I think about these children. Each child is my son, every mother is my mother,»said Smith, who has two children 2.
«We don’t want that they separate children from their mothers,» said the singer, who explained that one of the reasons why he agreed to participate in this edition of the festival in Mexico was to «make people know that there are many people in the United States which want to and respects the en México years.»
And he took to send the affection the Mexicans from their friend Michael StIpe, singer of the Group R.E.M. described the current US Government’s «inhuman», but he also said: «they are not us. I’m not Donald Trump, I am not my Government, I am who I am».
The singer does not deceive it, believes that we live in «terrible times», where climate change is the problem to solve more important, and in an increasingly polarized scenario.
But encouraged to overcome attempts to divide us splitting «of Governments and corporations» and to communicate more.
You have to «believe in the principle of love», love others unless they prove to be wrong. «Love is our most important guiding principle.»
«We have to break down the walls. There can be no walls», he said.
«I’m not the center of the universe,» 71-year-old Smith seems to keep intact his artistic vocation, without hint of cynicism or weariness.
«Many people have talent, but sometimes you feel a call,» he said, regardless of the sacrifices which carries the life of artist.
Smith shared his vision about the current immigration policy of TrumpY administration in moments in which the Muse does not go with, curiosity and a detective approach towards reality always come to hold the artist, who has released 11 albums and several books.
Smith also explained his particular conception of humanity and the time.
The billionaire business art and why you no longer need to be very rich to buy a part why it is so difficult to find the music of Prince on the internet?
«We are all ages and all periods. We see ourselves as linear, but we are everywhere and the same thing our experience.»
And with the passage of the decades, she has been learning, she said, that being an artist «does not make me more important than anyone else».
«I learned that I am not the center of the universe.»

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