translated from Spanish: Whimsical decisions of Aureoles security can not alter institutional order: a member of bread

Morelia; Michoacan.-Although the Governor wants to make authoritative decisions, Michoacan is part of a federal Republic, said the Deputy, Eduardo García Chavira member of the parliamentary group of the PAN, on the Congress premises, who also added that «the mayors the Governor and the President of the Republic must work in harmony for the common good and all have the constitutional responsibility of constructing public order and security in their respective territories»in a statement, the Pan Deputy said the State Government has the responsibility of providing security and be secured to establish the necessary governance in Michoacan’s 113 municipalities without political bias or interested management which, in the end, do not contribute to lighten the serious problem of insecurity prevailing in this region, and on the other hand could generate major problems in the absence of a strategy agreed between the 3 levels of Government.
Noted that «looks more like a decision desperate for the handling of resources by the State Government, which is taking him to make impromptu decisions without measuring this threatens security and governance michoacana by submitting to the municipalities» to their whims by placing at the mercy of crime».
Added Garcia Chavira to «mayors are not alone, in defense of the institutions we have more stakeholders to bring out these attitudes contrary to the purpose of governing entities.» «It should be collaboration, not the subordination of the vulnerable government orders which strengthen institutions from the territory».
«I want to point out and hold accountable directly to the Governor of any situation or security crisis that may occur in any municipality where the State of Michoacan police force withdrew, only to press them, blackmail, with the signing of» a single control that been shown not to reduce the violence and has left only in evidence the voracity by concentrating the resources tagged in the category, for Councils, in the Secretariat of public security»was completed.

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