translated from Spanish: A research says the causes of landslides

in addition to incalculable damage and at least 10 thousand dead, the earthquake of September 19, 1985 in the city of Mexico left several learnings about earthquakes.
Since then, its inhabitants carried out drills at least once a year to calculate when time can evacuate a building, and governments developed two general preventive measures: the seismic alert and strict rules of construction It would avoid the buildings to collapse. However, the earthquake that took place on the same date, 32 years later, showed that 1985 had not left enough lessons in the Mexican capital.
Also a 19th of September but in 2017, another earthquake of magnitude 7.1 with its epicenter in the neighboring state of Morelos shook the city, and despite all the prevention measures, more than 40 buildings collapsed. Affected, experts and all the locals wondered «what went wrong this time?»
«The city cosmopolitan, giving presidential candidates every six years, presumed the nation’s capital, has not been able to resolve this», the journalist Salvador Camarena said during the presentation of the research ‘why it collapsed my building?’, carried out by the Organization Mexicans against corruption and impunity.
Journalists who made this project, led by Camarena and Thelma Gómez Durán, investigated the causes of the collapse of 28 of the buildings that fell in the #19S. Through 800 requests for information, testimonies of victims, interviews with relatives of the dead people and experts, arrived in two main findings: that earthquakes do not kill, what kills is corruption; and that the local Government has dedicated itself to hide information about the causes and those responsible.
«Everything seems to indicate that the authorities wanted to repeat the history of impunity in 1985,» said Thelma Gómez. The journalist pointed out that many of the requests for information made to various levels of Government not answered, even some records in the delegation Gustavo A. Madero were reserved.
«Many of the documents are in boxes, in the Olympic pool, filled with mushrooms,» said the researcher.
During the presentation of the project, whose contents can be found in your microsite, were present relatives of people who died in the collapse, as well as survivors who told who have lived since that fatal 19 Tuesday to this 11 of September 2018, a year later.
«My building, located at 526 Central axis, it took 10 months to enter the list of damaged buildings», denounced Mr José Rubén Pablos, who spoke at the microphone with difficulty by a lung condition that left him collapse. «Ten months, not chinguen», said the old man.
Also took the microphone Juan Pedro Filomeno, who represented in the event your family because none wanted to relive what they were a year ago with the death of Naomi, his cousin, in the building of Álvaro Obregón 286, which recorded the highest number of fallecim to attend sources: 49 corpses were removed from the rubble.
One of them was Naomi, who, according to his cousin Juan Pedro, was buried September 30, 2017, the same day that holder would. «Instead of a degree we had a burial,» said Filomeno Manuel.
He also participated in the presentation the journalist and chronicler of the Hector city of Mauleon, who recalled that those who lived the 1985 earthquake thought that they would never again see something, however, the causes of the disaster were repeated, and therefore the disaster returned to the city.
«It is outrageous that whenever it shakes in this city, it seems that it trembles for the first time. «I don’t run, don’t cry, I don’t push’ is the only thing that the authorities gave us in 30 years», lamented the historian, and stressed that the impunity that prevailed in this tragedy of the 1980s also recurs in this occasion, as the officials who had to respond by the IMO injury that led to the collapses, currently occupying public offices.
«They don’t lost, they won on July 1. And we are your interest,»said Juan Pedro Filomeno. Salvador Camarena said that the new Government in the city of Mexico, commanded by the head of Government elected Claudia Sheinbaum, was summoned to the presentation of the investigation, but declined to attend.

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