translated from Spanish: A town with memory: massive candles at the National Stadium 45 years after the coup

thousands of candles were lit this evening at the National Stadium, the recin to which was converted into a detention centre after the coup military of Augusto Pinochet on September 11, 1973.
The emotion was present at 45 of the most bloody coup d’etat that overthrew the then President Salvador Allende, which was also bombed La Moneda Palace by aircraft of the air force of Chile.
In the sports arena, relatives and other survivors of the dictatorship deposited wreaths and played music in the place, which prays in his North Gallery «a people without memory, is a people without a future,» in homage to the fallen of the time.
After the coup, the premises of the National Stadium were used entirely to torture, kill and get rid of opponents of the dictatorship. By enclosure traveled more than 20,000 people.
Two of the victims who lived firsthand the horrors of dictatorship that lasted for 17 years served as guides and told people who arrived on the scene to what had happened in that stadium which was visited on several occasions by the International Red Cross nal.
On September 22, on a first visit to the place, the entity reported that there were approximately 7,000 detainees between men and women, of whom around 300 were foreigners, over 38 nationalities.
With the information obtained through testimonies of survivors and avowed agents has been established that many executions took place inside the National Stadium, as well as several cases of people who were taken to give death, as it did by example with U.S. citizens Charles Horman Lazar and Frank Teruggi Bombatch «The hooded at the National Stadium» detainees spent most of the day sitting in the bleachers of the stadium, where a hooded person recognizing walked to militant left, which were separated from the rest of the detainees.
Years later managed to establish that that hooded was an exmilitante of the Socialist Party (Juan Munoz Alarcon, «the National Stadium hooded») who collaborated with the military regime’s security services, who left in 1977, date on which He attends a human rights body to give his testimony.
The body of Juan Muñoz Alarcón was found at a site in Florida, with multiple stab wounds, on October 24 of the year 1977.
During the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet, according to official data, about 3,200 Chileans were killed by agents of the State, 1,192 listed as disappeared detainees, while other 33,000 were tortured and imprisoned for political reasons.

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