translated from Spanish: Alexis: «I hope go to another world and earn the respect that Chile had before»

the Chilean forward, Alexis Sánchez, referred to his feelings to play Chilean team and said his idea is to reach the World Cup Qatar 2022 for l Red to regain respect after losing the of Russia 2018 campus is «thinking about the next World Cup and they are very repentant of not classifying the Russia».
«Many players felt badly and were very sad, because the World Cup is something very nice. I played in two and three times in the under 20 world and the truth is that you live it differently. I hope go to another world and earn the respect that Chile had earlier»expressed the battering ram in an interview with the magazine United Review.
«When you play for the first time for your country it is difficult to understand the magnitude of what is to defend Chile. The first time I used the shirt, I couldn’t believe it. It’s like defend your country. It is something very nice and that now you appreciate it more, because don’t we classify the world… When you use Chile t-shirt makes the hair to stop you,»he added.
And on the same line he remarked that «I always try to exalt the name of my country in the world. Everytime I go, people shows me that I love. «Young people are those who look at you as an Idol, and you try to do the best for them».
It also recalled the obtaining of the Boca of America after winning two consecutive finals to the Argentina’s Lionel Messi.
«It was something very nice for all, over, we won at Argentina, which was a world power with impressive players.» The truth is that it makes me very happy, also to my colleagues, that we make a great effort that day.»
«I think that Chileans will remember it for the rest of their lives. And we even won the same Cup twice. The second, I think, was also a joy to Chile. And to this day they are very proud of each player. We need to repeat that triumph and do their best to bring to Chile to the top».

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