translated from Spanish: Bolivia will assist its citizens affected by the fire in Calama

the Government of Bolivia said Tuesday his solidarity with Chile by the consequential wardens of the fire occurred in a slum in northern Chile and instructed the Consulate of the country in Calama to assist the Bolivian people affected in that event.
The Bolivian Foreign Ministry released a statement in which it expressed «its solidarity with the people and Government of Chile by the unfortunate consequences of the fire occurred in the Calama commune ‘Frei Bonn’ camp, place where also» resident fellow Bolivian».
«Faced with this situation, the Bolivian Foreign Ministry has instructed the Consulate of Bolivia in Calama provide due assistance and consular protection to our nationals affected», according to the statement.
The Bolivian Foreign Ministry added that it has enabled two hotlines «», which can be called «the victims and their families».
The fire occurred last Monday in the so-called Jack Frei Bonn, has left at least 100 houses destroyed, 400 injured and about eight people with minor injuries, according to preliminary reports.
Regional authorities enabled a shelter in a school of basic education, which will operate at «maximum capacity» to receive survivors.

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