translated from Spanish: Congress requires research to Robles by offsets in Sedatu and Sedesol

then give to know that resources diverted in 2014 by the Secretariat of Social Development (Sedesol) and the Secretariat of Territorial and urban agricultural development (Sedatu) were not transferred only to companies phantom but also removed cash, deputies and senators spoke out to demand that the elected President, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, that case does not go unpunished and to investigate the involvement of the then owner of the SEDESOL, Rosario Robles.
The Senator Ricardo Monreal saw the subject as a «scandal», which is nothing more than a reflection of the deep corruption that it prevails in the country. «You can not be impunity,» he added.
Read: During administration of Rosario Robles were diverted $ 700 million pesos in cash of Sedesol and Sedatu think that the Senate and the legislature must constitute committees of inquiry to address the case, taking into account all the evidence of the diversion are documented through the Superior audit.
«You can not remain as one anecdote, would be very unfortunate, that the billions of pesos that were diverted, delivered in private homes, in cash; simply say «already are». Now is when the accountability has to be strong to hold accountable», he said.
On the fact that hitherto Rosario Robles not facing any process as a result of the detour, Deputy commented that it is «too protective mantle, is impressive, is unusual (…)» I think it is time to fix a position, because we are facing the arrival of a new Government and I do not think that Andrés Manuel López Obrador forgive them. I don’t think», was completed.
Tuesday, the newspaper Reforma announced, based on the information submitted by the ASF, the way in which triangulado money was distributed by the Sedatu and Sedesol.
In the research of Animal politician and Mexican corruption and impunity (MCCI), master scam, is detailed, as in 2013 the Sedesol, then headed by Rosario Robles, had a budget of 555 million pesos to deliver 500 thousand packages of food, t-shirts, caps and to disseminate the national crusade against hunger.
Read: Sedesol: where was the money to the poor?
Of this amount, slightly more than two billion pesos, were delivered at least to 20 ghost companies.
They were thousand 900 million pesos of the public expense allocated to Sedatu and Sedesol, of this amount, more than 700 million were finally transferred in cash to ten homes.
Reform reports that these not only $ 700 million pesos ended up in 76 companies mentioned Ghost in the master scam, but were divided into at least 10 homes of 5 cities.
The money was allegedly withdrawn in cash and transferred into vans of values to different addresses.
In total would be more than 700 million pesos transferred in this way.
City of Mexico are at least seven households who received the cash: 493.7 million pesos, were taken to Socrates 128, third floor, Polanco; 86 million pesos, to Emerson 150, office 103; 27.6 million pesos to other two addresses that do not exist in Polanco; a pair of amounts not specified in the Colonia Nochebuena, delegation Benito Juárez, and much to homes located in Playa del Carmen and Cancun, Q Roo, and Villahermosa, Tabasco, whose addresses match trades.
Ricardo Monreal, who is also parliamentary Coordinator of Morena in the Senate is confident that not «there will be clean slate new to Rosario Robles» and said that in the next few days «we will quote to appear, by it of the gloss of the presidential report, the Secretary of» Foreign Affairs, the Secretary of economy, to the Secretary of the Treasury, the Secretary of the Interior and the Ministry of Social Development», where this topic could address every time that it has a»proven accuracy».
Gustavo Madero, Senator of the bread was another of voices joined in the claim demanding that they punish those responsible for the millionaire detour.
While in the Chamber of Deputies, the President of the Board of political coordination, Mario Delgado and the Pan member Laura Rojas, they condemned the fact.
Mario Delgado mentioned the political coordination Board will study the case to propose a form of sanction by the sacking of the 700 million pesos in plenary while the panita said that through his party be sent a letter to the ASF to ask this to present corresponding complaints against the officials responsible for the stakeholder agencies.
Information reform.

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