translated from Spanish: Dollar as the foam: reaches $700 after tripping of the copper and rock climbing in war commercial

with the Administration list Trump to increase the arance above them even more products from the Asian giant, worsening of relations between U.S. and China still topping the agenda.
Trade tensions are also overshadow the optimism for a trade agreement between the EU and the world’s largest economy. Memories of the summer volatility and weakness in commodity you also continue to offer many reasons for caution, since investors are prepared for the meetings of the central banks of Argentina, Turkey and Russia this week.
This is part of the context that has emerging markets by listening to the roar of the dollar. Chile is no exception and days ago expected – with concern – that the dollar touched the ceiling of $700 and today did. First transactions, American tickets is listed at $697,8, but at this time it is already in the $700.
The Chilean peso played you against once again the recoil of the price of copper. The main export of Chile suffered a stumbling block in the London Metal Exchange and start approaching levels that could precipitate a further depreciation of the local currency.

A little encouraging picture is experienced once Goldman Sachs announced that their models project further falls in some developing nations. The Group of investment banks, according to Bloomberg, said in a report on commodities that «there is room for further losses».
That Yes, the market sees the light at the end of the tunnel. Although considered «highly likely» about the dollar exceeds the barrier of $700, the truth is that projections indicate that the currency will go back in the coming months.

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