translated from Spanish: Effect Russia 2018: Argentina in World Cup rivals, humiliated in Europe

the world was back and fortunately Argentineans are closing a wound that has rammed deep by the way in which the team came to the appointment and suffering He lived to enter the second round and then fall in a categorical way to France, despite the fact that it was not reflected on the scoreboard.

Now, two months after that was defined with the title of the gala selection, the realities of the teams are different. First, Argentina had a presence of players who were practically not in Russia (7 of 23), succeeded in thrashing forcefully to Guatemala in Los Angeles.

Iceland lost 3-0 to Belgium. Photo: EFEDel other side, Europeans who complicated the team’s Jorge Sampaoli, had a completely different kind. Iceland had its debut in the new UEFA tournament and received a beating from Switzerland 6-0 and on Tuesday fell 3-0 to the combination of Belgium, leaving the face which showed in the world, as an impenetrable team.

On the other hand, Croatia, team that left out the tactical shortcomings of the Argentine team people 3-0, received a severe setback in their debut in the group to face Spain, who beat him 6-0, playing with the majority of owners who managed the subcampeonat or in Moscow.

Mitrovic and Modric is no response before the landslide. Photo: EFE «Croatia is not going to sit and cry. We return to work», said coach Zlatko Dalic after the defeat against the Iberian team, that had the debut of Luis Enrique as head coach, after the participation of Fernando Hierro in the World Bank. Grueling present of the rivals of the albiceleste. 

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