translated from Spanish: In his day: the three typical prejudices faced by teachers

while the teacher Day commemorates the life and death of the hero Domingo Faustino Sarmiento, the most educational of primary and secondary equipment are women (8 of each) 10 according to the last national census of teachers). 

Women, always related to the tasks of the home, care and education, suffer different types of prejudice throughout his life. In this case, teachers, are one of the groups of professionals with more prohibitions regarding their individualities. They are chaste, pure and are born with the vocation of teaching. 

In edge we spoke with María Florence Barcelo, Annick Aubert and Maite Olarieta, three teachers who tell us what are the three typical prejudices suffered by the teachers. 


«We are not think as people, demand you to not talk about your personal life.  «I am cake and one of my colleges I was asked do not say it, I deny my sexual orientation, when in reality for my my cake being part of my life, my education and my militancy», account Barceló.


«I think that behind the idea of vocation, there is a belief that by doing what we like or what we love, we have to settle for substandard working conditions because total could be worse, we could be working from something that we don’t like ini» adds nothing, we were born for this. In teaching also by student interest is played also, responsibility which one feels as a teacher facing them, the desire to educate them, to learn, generate knowledge and debates within the classroom. We pay our pocket, photocopies, books; We spend many unpaid hours to our classes. But okay, we have the vocation, does not pass anything», ironically Aubert. 


«Vocation has those traps. We not only have to accept that we pay little because women were born to teach but we also have to leave it all in the classroom. And there is a contradiction, because my all my militancy or my way of seeing the world and that is not something that teachers have allowed to do within the classroom. We received much criticism from parents when we give everything but also when not. «Teaching has many demands and we must be at all times available and 100%, and that generates much crisis because giving it everything all the time is impossible», adds Olarieta.  


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