translated from Spanish: Karol Cariola and Tomás Hirsch

La diputada Karol Cariola conducted tour of the Villa Grimaldi and the parliamentary Tomás Hirsch conducted a tour of the Villa Grimaldi in order to commemorate the 45 anniversary of the coup d’etat. Congressmen opened the activities in place, as part of the calendar organized by the Corporation Park for peace. On the occasion a tribute to former President Salvador Allende and violeaciones to human rights victims. Conducting workshops and exhibitions which will culminate in a candles front airfield of Tobalaba. Programa9:00 is also expected during the day hours: travel and offering of parliamentarians and human rights defenders. Participating Member Karol Cariola and Deputy Tomas Hirsch. 10:00 hours: opening exhibition for dignity and justice. Visual memory of the dictatorship in the 1980s. Photos of Kena Lorenzini. 10:00 hours: workshop of the collective screen snapshot with students of the Liceo Confederation Switzerland. 10:30 hours: home of live streaming of Radio Villa Grimaldi. 11:40 hours: Salvador Allende.11 speech transmission : 52 hours: minute of silence: «Wherever you stop your activity for a minute». 12:00 hours: activity with communities educativas.12:00/15:00/17:00 hours: tours made by survivors and testimonies. 19:00 hours: start of the candles. 19:30 hours: memorial ceremony and musical presentation of Juan Francisco Lastra and Tato Ayress. 21:00 hours: activities in the park for peace Villa Grimaldi, to go to candles front Tobalaba airport.

Original source in Spanish

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