translated from Spanish: Olivia Newton-John revealed that he was diagnosed cancer for the third time: «Still in treatment»

the Australian artist Olivia Newton-John revealed that cancer was diagnosed for the third time. After suffering from a tumor in the breast during 1992, and in 2013, another in the shoulder; It provided details on the time that is passing through.

«I’m still in treatment, natural treatment and am very well,» featured actress – on Sunday from his residence to Channel Seven Australian channel, where it held that fight against a tumor at the base of the spine, so it was subjected to radiation therapy.

In this sense, Newton-John said to live moments of despair but that he was trying to remain optimistic. 

On the other hand, the actress famous for starring in the musical «Grease» with John Travolta, acknowledged the favorable status to have the protection of a State in which it is legal to «cultivate certain amount of plants for medical use».

«I have good luck,» said Newton-John, who carried out a natural treatment that consumes cannabis oil. As he told the actress, her husband John Easterling, manufactures ointments. «It helps me for the pain,» he said.

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