translated from Spanish: President of Enap spoke at the Commission’s environment: «Don’t have responsibility in the events that occurred on 21 and 23 August»

the President of the direct Orio of Empresa Nacional of oil (ENAP), Loreto Silva, on Tuesday reached the Committee on environment of the Chamber to refer to the charges brought by the Superintendency of environmental (SMA) by the environmental crisis which currently affects to the communes of Quintero and Puchuncavi. 
In this regard, explained the measures that have been adopted on the instructions of the authority, but insisted that the company is not responsible for the environmental crisis. 
«We are going to expose all the antecedents that support our position as a company with respect to the infringement or the commencement of proceedings by the SVS in procedural and institutional instances that correspond. We believe and support the institutional framework, and in that sense, we are going to do our disclaimers as a company, we believe we have all the background information that allow us to and will allow to demonstrate, that we have no liability on the facts occurred on 21 and 23 August,»said Silva.
The Chairperson of the Board added that «we have acted quite independently,» according to all the parameters and guidelines of the Board of Directors in relation to this important fact for his work.
The Authority said ENAP performs monitoring minute of their procedures and noted that all companies involved «we must contribute in one way or another to solve the problem of Quintero, thats what really matters». 
«So it is important to have permanent monitoring, hopefully hour-by-hour.» In the case we are making a monitoring minute because that is the only way of determining what pollutant sources, what are the elements that cause the damage to the health of the population, and allow long-term, objective measures and clearly that to really solve the problem of people, which is what is waiting for you,»said.
In terms of new measures, Loreto Silva said on 24 August proceeded to seal pond, later became the draining and drying of the pools of the separation of the oil from the water, which are closed since the beginning of the week.  

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