translated from Spanish: Red alert! strong rainfalls and hot environment in Guerrero Chilpancingo

-the tropical wave No. 38 and the maritime tropical air from the Pacific Ocean entrance, will generate rainfall and very strong in much of the State specific storms, informed the Secretariat of Civil Protection Guerrero.Lea also: freezers, electrical storms and heat in several estadosLa State Agency also expected to continue the hot environment in the seven regions of the State, with values of temperature logging they could range between 35 and 40 degrees Celsius, mainly in the coastal municipalities and the region of the Tierra Caliente.

Illustrative image. Photo: EFE also read: Video: plane stormreaver Gets the eye of Hurricane FlorencePor other side, is expected to prevail the effects of the phenomenon of bottom sea, which since last Friday has brought on waves greater than 2.4 meters high, the reduction of zones d (e) Beach, the increase of the sea level and storm surges of recursively. Therefore, Secretary of Civil Protection Warrior requests the population take extra precautionary measures, with the risk of possible mudslides and landslides in areas of unstable hillsides, flooding, growths of rivers, lakes and dams.

Illustrative image. Photo: EFE avoid crossing Fords, rivers and bodies of water that are grown, keep watch by runoff that could occur in low-lying areas, as well as prevent accidents with the fall of trees, spectacular and electrical wires. Remain vigilant to the weather information, ignoring to false rumors, meet indications of Civil defence personnel and report any incident to the number of emergency 911.En this note: Guerrero rainy climates
High temperatures

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