translated from Spanish: ‘Spider-man Russian’ to climb a building in Colombia arrested this Spider-Man

Medellín, Colombia-A does not beat it neither poison nor the Green Goblin. Medellin police arrested Pavel Gogulan, known as the Spider-man Russian, when climbing without permission an emblematic building of the Colombian city on Monday. Gogulan, who in his andaraje as a climber has visited 48 countries and climbed more than 200 structures, drew the attention of hundreds of passers-by and provoked the indignation of the security guards of the building of one of the country’s major banks. 

Athletic and white 25-year-old man climbed without protection in twenty minutes the twelve floors of the building, located in the Center-South of the Colombia’s second city, but did not have that in the ceiling the authorities to stop him were waiting. The soldiers arrested for the crime of rape in alien room, criminalizing occasionally with a fine, a police source told AFP. “Police said me nothing, only that the bench is a little different from a building (any), because (is) more important”, told AFP in his fledgling Spanish Gogulan. 

Pavel Gogulan, known as the Spider-man Russian. Photo: AFP file.

Although initially they warned him they deport him to Russia, they finally let him go without any sanctions, he said. “It is normal (this kind of) things for a climber”, added the athlete. In Mexico it was captured for the same reasons and deported to Guatemala. Gogulan, who arrived in Colombia nearly two weeks ago from Ecuador as part of a tour of Latin America, it had recognized minutes before near eleven o’clock in the morning, start the new challenge, which feared that the Bank guards detained by thinking that the It was stealing. 
“Don’t feel nerves, (but) not be what (will make the) safety with me”, said.  

Unlike the superhero created by Stan Lee, Gogulan climbed the walls without uniform, only with a red knickers and a pair of shoes. It was his second Odyssey in Colombia, because last week was also detained when he climbed another property in Medellin. 

Photo: File EFE.

This tattooed historian born in San Petersburgo devoted himself five years ago their energies to ascend much construction of high magnitude crosses their path, including cranes.
his hobby led him backpacking by fifty countries, survived where staying in the homes of strangers. Sometimes it collects money from its fans. “They don’t matter other things, only people I care,” he said. In Colombia it is also run. In these few days in the South American country it took to train, he said is the only way to remove the fear of heights. Therefore runs between five and twelve kilometers per day and scale properties under construction to keep in shape. “When you don’t (look) down long, you are afraid then. I not climbed (one-year)”and”then (had) a little scary,”he admitted. 

Photo: AFP file.

Despite the antidote to know to beat the chill that sometimes causes him to be only in the heights, Gogulan has clear the date of expiry of their challenges: when 30 birthday. “Up to 30 years (time is) for adventures, (to) live the life (…) “after (want to be) quieter”, admitted the Spider-Man that does suit, minutes before of the soldiers arrested him.  But nearly ten hours after recovering his freedom now plans to travel to Venezuela, the country that lacks to conclude his Latin American tour. In this note: Colombia Spiderman Russian Pavel Gogulan

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