translated from Spanish: The 25-year-old accused of killing his stepson’s 3-hits

hanged himself horror in the Santa Fe town of Sao Tome continues: after the death of Jorge Ezequiel Bachelli, a boy of 3 years that Carlos Alberto Pérez 25, he would have beaten to death, now the latter was found lifeless in his cell of the Coronda jail where he was staying.

As it transpired, the body was found Monday, September 10 at night in Hall 11 when prison guards detected that it was hung on a fence, torn and tied to a broken edge of your mattress.

Immediately intervened Ana Laura Gioria malicious killings and Gonzalo Iglesias unit prosecutors, who expert criminalisticos on the drive where they found him dead.

Just hours earlier, in Room II from the basement of courts, prosecutors in the case had awarded Perez the authorship of the crimes of «intentional slight injuries» and «co-author of murder by the link, treachery and cruelty».

Carlos Alberto Pérez, accused of murdering his stepson’s 3, would have committed suicide | Photo: Twitter @redaccionfirmatEl man is accused of having finished with the son of her partner’s life on Friday 7 September during a meeting which had been held in the afternoon in Sao Tome. Her mother would have also beaten.

Small died in a hospital at 3:00 am on Saturday 8, while his sister, a drink less than a year that also would have received physical abuse, remained in critical condition.

Santo tomé stepson hanged coronda jail 3 years


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