translated from Spanish: The strong argument between Laurie Fernandez and Cinthia Fernández: the proposed challenge

Cinthia Fernández and Laura Fernández clashed yesterday night at the dancing. The reason was the following: the jury had denied on Friday past have made a photographic production for the enterprise of the boyfriend of the dancer, «The Palace of chance».

«I didn’t know that the ‘shopping’ was the same company. It had not been informed. «I wish cameras ever you looking for a professional accomplishment and not to be in conflict with each other», launched Laurita. 

«Excuse me, my love, I’m in this program by a merit professional. I want to be a better human being than professional. I do not envy you nothing, my Sun and less to be a bad person,»defended the former Matías Defederico. 

It also suggested that to demonstrate his humility donate the winnings in the campaign for some sleep. Watch the tense moment!

Dancing 2018 discussion Laurita Fernandez Cinthia Fernandez

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