translated from Spanish: They declare themselves ready for the Viva Mexi K.O. function

Culiacan.-today at press conference, local fighters were reported ready to give your maximum effort above the ring in the Box function called Viva Mexi K.O., which will be held this Friday in the Park revolution. 

In the stellar fight is the garyshaw Miguel «barreterito» Beltrán will be measured against Jorge Zapotec. The clash is agreed to ten rounds by weight Super Featherweight. 

Photo the Debate in another matchup that looks to power, the culichi Dagoberto «Terrible» power will have a tough test before the world rated Adrian «Tiger» Granados. 

Fighter Edy Valencia/photo El Debate the culichi Edy Valencia also face the seasoned Christian Cortez Jalisco. The undefeated Rodolfo «El Elegante» Bustamante will have rival Victoriano «pirana» Nunez. Another unbeaten this capital Valentín «Picoco» León will be measured against Ramón Ochoa. 

Fighter Javier «popotito» towers/photo El Debate unbeatable Javier «poporito» Torres, ward of the former champion national Alfredo «galleta» Tirado, facing Alejandro Silva. The function also the national Jesus «Chovy» Acosta exmonarca who will face Diego will participate in «El Tyson» Ledezma. The undefeated Carlos José «Manos de Piedra» Lopez exchanged blows with Arturo Ortíz.En this note: Culiacan Viva Mexi K.O.
Box function

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