translated from Spanish: Thus reacted opposition to the reverse of the ruling with cut-outs to family allowances

a move that was harshly questioned by the opposition, and the society itself finally was repealed Tuesday 11 September by e l same Government that had driven it in first place in the framework of a strong fit.

Through the Decree N ° 816 gave reverse with the Elimination of the plus by unfavorable area which is accorded within the program of family allowances to beneficiaries of Patagonia and the North of Argentina.

Strong criticism received by this official initiative first prompted his suspension for a period of 30 days and now, its repeal.

“On the occasion of various schemes and from observations of sectors of society was imposed – prior to their implementation-the need to carry out a detailed analysis of the question”, we read in the Decree published in the Official Gazette this morning, carrying the signatures of the jefe de Gabinete Marcos Peña and the Minister of Social development and health Carolina Stanley.

Faced with this situation, councilors, mayors, senators, Governors and members of Parliament, among others, celebrated the Decree as an “achievement” and a “triumph”.

Macri gave running back with the cut in family allowances in Patagonia and other unfavourable areas. Great triumph of all the Patagonian accompanied by all national opposition – Agustín Rossi (@RossiAgustinOk) September 11, 2018Hoy was published in the Official Gazette Decree N ° 816 leaving without effect the removal of the plus unfavoured area vorable for family allowances. It is an achievement of all the Patagonian and especially of the Tierra del Fuego, once again we did listen to our voice.

-Rosana Bertone (@RosanaBertone) September 11, 2018 working together of the different institutional representatives of the Patagonia managed to finally repeal the Elimination of differentials in family allowances, was lecidas on Decree 702/2018. East on a major achievement against the model setting of #Macri – Magdalena Odarda (@MagdalenaOdarda) September 11, 2018 the #Patagonazo did you hear and the national Government gave March back with cutout f assignments amiliares. This is an achievement of all the Patagonian us planted against the efforts of adjustment of Macri. We will not fail to speak out to defend our rights.— Martin Soria (@SoriaEnAccion) 11 September 2018Desde the ruling, the leader of the town of Rio Negro rock Juan Martin came to support the Government and supported the measure, despite being “passing a difficult moment as regards” public finances”. Even though we are having a difficult time in terms of public finances, our priority is to be with the families who most need. This measure again to show that we are a Government that listens and that Juan Martin (@soyjm) makes self-criticism #cambiamos #AsignacionesFamiliares – September 11, 2018 family allowances

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