translated from Spanish: Victims will meet with AMLO to define path to peace

on Friday, September 14, victims of violence all over Mexico will meet with the elected President, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, to define in conjunction with the next authorities Federal the «roadmap» that will be followed in the process of pacification and reconciliation of the country.
This meeting was agreed since on 8 may, when Lopez Obrador, along with the other three presidential candidates, met with representatives of more than 60 groups of victims and human rights defenders to receive the so-called document» Agenda for peace, security, truth and justice», meeting at which it was agreed that the candidate that Victor is in the electoral race, would return with the victims to continue the dialogue.
As reported by the movement for peace with justice and dignity (that from 2011 brings together victims of violence around the country) in this second meeting, will seek «the foundations to build, among Government, victims, organized civil society and academia, the» State in transitional justice policy, that there is progress, but whose parts–truth, justice, service and guarantees of repetition – have not been dispersed in different institutions and agendas with serious costs to victims and the pacification of the nation».
The meeting on Friday, which will be held at Tlatelolco, city of Mexico, «will not be a technical meeting – explained Jacobo Dayán, academic expert in human rights, a member of the citizen-initiative, what is going to do is ask what is the» «roadmap to victims and civil society organizations intend to follow, to enter a process of transitional justice.»
Since the triumph of Lopez Obrador in the last presidential race, said Dayan, «representatives of the next Government have repeated here and there the term ‘transitional justice’, but there is no clarity on the matter, only they have spoken of some elements that they belong to processes of transitional justice, such as truth commissions, but not defined anything in particular».
LEE: What is transitional justice proposed by AMLO and how ran in Colombia with the FARC the transitional justice, said the specialist, is a term applied to the processes of pacification and sanction, to «traditional armed conflicts, either» «dictatorships, then, international experiences do not apply to Mexico, cannot copy formulas from other sides, rather, should develop a model that fits the reality of Mexico, and that can take a lot of work».
The theme of peace, reconciliation and justice, said, «it is a matter in which civil society, and from the victims, we do not see that the next Government has very clear, hence forums representatives of Lopez Obrador have made in the s «you weeks are chaos: these forums are organized by what will be the Ministry of public security, and you can not raise a dialogue for peace by the police as an interlocutor».
It is, explained the specialist, «forums without methodology, without a stated objective, are not systematized, and what you intend to boot, which is forgiveness, it makes no sense».
Therefore, at the meeting on Friday will be the victims which propodran the next federal authorities a specific mechanism, to define the plan to follow.
LEE: analyzes a reduction of penalties act; Amnesty, not for kidnapping, homicide or tries to: Olga Sánchez «in the dialogue of September 14 is going to consider a roadmap, which sets the creation of various working groups to discuss the issues requires a process of transitional justice», said Dayan .
Artboards that victims will propose to establish in conjunction with the next federal authorities, shall be as follows: 1.-work table to define the general framework of transitional justice process.
2. working table to discuss possible models for the creation of commissions of truth.
3. table of work to design an international mechanism against impunity, which is added to the table of existing work on the reform of the Office of the Attorney-General.
4. table of work to design a model of full reparation to the victims of violence, to susbane deficiencies that currently operate the State commissions and federal assistance to victims.
5 work table for the reconfiguration of the national system of search for missing persons, which will join the roundtable dialogue that the next authorities already maintain with the national movement for our missing.
6 artboard for the creation of a system of protection for victims, witnesses, and operators of the transitional justice process.
Of these workshops, said Dayan, «should get technical documents, concrete plans, addressing each of the facets of transitional justice. It is an agenda that must be built with victims and civil society, in an institutional logic, which articulates all efforts at the national level.»
In addition to Lopez Obrador, meeting with victims are expected to also attend Olga Sánchez Cordero, who will head the Ministry of the Interior to become operational next authorities, as well as Alejandro Encinas, who will assume the position of Assistant Secretary for human rights of the same Segob.

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