translated from Spanish: Will NY after 9/11; they found what they were looking for?

new YORK (AP) – on 11 September 2001, Stephen Feuerman saw the twin towers in flames through the window of his office in the Empire State and watched dumbfounded as a second Fireball is embedded in the buildings. You might be interested: reveal unpublished video of the attacks of 9/11 in USA photo: AP also read: identified 17 years later victim of attacks of the 11-Scorrio for the 78vo floor telling the people that it out, thinking that they would be the next target. Transportation stopped and he could not reach his home in the suburb of Westchester for hours.  
Shaken by the experience, this wholesaler of clothing dress, their spouse and their two young children moved in less than four months to a suburb of Florida who thought would be safer than New York.  

And it did. Until the last Valentine’s day, in which there was another attack with many victims in Parkland, Florida.  «There’s no safe place», now says Feuerman, whose children survived, but lost two friends in the killing of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, where 17 people died.  Anyway, you feel that you did well to leave New York and feels more integrated still Parkland since the shooting, then became more involved in campaigning for safety in schools and other issues.  «We have a good life here,» he says. «This could have happened anywhere».  The Feuerman are part of a myriad of people who were in New York when terrorists hijacked planes and crashed them against the two twin towers in New York, the Pentagon and a field in Pennsylvania, killing nearly 3,000 people the September 11, 2001.  Some sought greater security. Others decided to live closer to their families. Many will rethink what they wanted from life.  With the 17th anniversary of the attacks approaching, the Associated Press spoke with several that were and asked them if they had found what they wanted.  «It was a wake up call» about 30 weeks a year, Scott Dacey manages from her home in New Bern, North Carolina, to Washington for a few days. These trips of 563 kilometers (350 miles) are the price that pay for their decision to move to a more isolated site in search of safety after the September 11 attacks.  He and his spouse Jennifer planned to live several years in Washington. Everything changed after the attack on the Pentagon.  
«It was a wake up call. ‘» How can we live our lives?'», says Scott.» «Do we want to be in the middle of everything in Washington?» or raising children in a less hot site, the closest family?  

The move of the couple in 2002 increased expenses, since they kept an apartment in Washington. And Jennifer, who was a lawyer, had to take a test to get a license in North Carolina.  But the move created new opportunities. Scott is a Commissioner of the County and ran to a bench in the House of representatives. He is a Republican and never happened by the head run for public office when they lived in Northern Virginia, where they tend to vote for Democrats. And their children, 17 and 15 years, grew up in one of the cities more secure State.  «It may not be for everyone, but we fit well here», says Jennifer. «We’re outside the bubble, but as well the majority of Americans live.»  «You change your single life when something bad happens» has to be something better, thought Michael and Margery Kovelski.  Michael, who is a furniture designer and worked in lower Manhattan, near the towers, felt overwhelmed after the attacks of 9/11. Security measures elongated his travels from Queens to the office, minus time with their children. And two months after the terrorist attacks, American Airlines flight 587 crashed near his home, killing 265 people.  The following spring the family moved to Springfield, Ohio, where they had friends from his Church.  Things were not easy. Especially for their mixed-race children – Michael is white and Margery is of descent Haitian-in a less diverse than Queens area. And took Michael to find work.  At the end, he opened his own company, Design Sleep, that sells platforms for beds and natural latex mattresses. The company already has 14 years of life.  «You only change your life when something bad happens or terrible», says Michael. «The direction that took things pleased me».  «We tried to reproduce some of the things that we liked both» Heather and Tom LaGarde adored New York and did not want to leave, even when she saw the towers come down from the roof of his apartment in the eastern sector of the lower Manhattan.  

The attacks, however, changed his perspective. «Already we didn’t feel so anchored to the city», features Heather. «Although we don’t suffer physical injury, see that changes your way of seeing things. Your priorities change».  The two worked in organizations nonprofit – she in one of defence of human rights, in a program of basketball on skates for kids from the neighborhood who created after playing with the Denver Nuggets and other NBA teams-which depended on donations which dwindled to the decline of the economy after the attacks. Many friends left the city.  At the beginning, the ramshackle farm who viewed online in 2002 in North Carolina would be a site to visit from time to time. But in 2004 the couple decided to move to this farm near the small town of Saxaphaw with their two children, a few months of working as a consultant for Heather and nothing more.  They arrived without any project, but ended up opening a company of rescue of architectural pieces, they began a popular series of free music and a market of agricultural products; they organized a Conference on innovations for humanitarian and opened the Haw River dance hall, in an old factory which helped renew.  
«We tried to reproduce some of the things we liked both» in New York, says Heather, «Although in a simpler, more natural place».  

«Freedom, my country, my house» Georgios Takos through northern Wyoming in the Greek Station, his truck of food, from which hangs a plate of New York cars. It is a reminder of the site where he thought that his American dream would be reality.  A native of the region of Kastoria, in the North of Greece, Akeeeeel wanted to live in the country that I saw in the movies. He was jubilant when he came to New York in 1986. 
She cried when leaving 15 years later. Already did not feel safe after the attacks of 9/11. Went to work at a restaurant in Arizona, then in California, where he met his spouse, Karine, who is a teacher.  

When he visited Montana, the State of his spouse, found the country had imagined. The couple moved to Powell, Wyoming.  Akeeeeel says he learned to work hard in New York.  But when leaving, «I found what I wanted,» he says. «Freedom, my country, my home». In this note: United States September 11, 2001 twin towers New York

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