translated from Spanish: Diabetes affects more people with limited resources due to the power

Mexico.-According to a study published by the Organization «To consumer», 100,000 people will die this year in Mexico because of diabetes and more than 70,000 suffer amputated it tion of any part of his body with the same disease.
In 2016 the Mexican Health Secretary said an «epidemiological emergency» of diabetes, after registering the death of 98,000 people in 2015. It is estimated that one of every 10 Mexicans lives with diabetes.

The International Diabetes Federation warned of the exponential growth of this disease and estimated that you for the year 2045, 21.8 million Mexicans will live with it. Katia García is the investigator in charge of the report «Voices of diabetes» held from surveys to 42 women and Mexican men diagnosed with type 2 diabetes mellitus, in productive age, in the southern regions, Central and North of Mexico September 2017 and may 2018.
One of the conclusions of their work is that diabetes does not affect everyone equally, but has a greater impact on poor people, given the direct relationship of the disease to the quality of the food and care in health.
The OECD notes the lack of integral attention to chronic diseases like diabetes. The other conclusion is that this situation not be solved easily because in Mexico «we’re in crisis, we don’t have enough doctors or medicines,» Garcia said. The report estimated that 2.2 doctors per 1,000 inhabitants and the country devotes 2.7% of its GDP to public health. 25% of its population has no access to social security.
Garcia explained that there are social determinants that affect the health of people and type 2 diabetes mellitus is associated with the increase in the consumption of foods of high caloric density, fats and sodium that increase the weight of those who consume them.
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