translated from Spanish: Evo Morales could travel to the Hague for demand against Chile failure

19:40 Foreign Minister of Bolivia said that the if situation will be studied at a meeting, which will define the team that will travel to the International Court of Justice for decision which will be known on October 1.

 Bolivian Foreign Minister Diego Pary, told a radio of Bolivia, which will discuss the journey of that country’s President, Evo Morales, to the International Court of Justice, to hear the verdict with respect to the demand for his country against Chile.Bolivia find that the International Court force Chile to sit at a table of dialogue to listen their aspiration to maritime. Today it became known that failure will be unveiled on Monday, October 1.lee also: Evo Morales due to failure of the Hague: «Have hope in justice with Bolivia»Pary said in the radio chat that «we will analyze (the Morales journey to the Hague), will make an emergency meeting to define what will be e» (l) team which will go to the Hague to hear the ruling. We will have a meeting to organize and plan the equipment and power move», according to Emol. This day the President Sebastián Piñera said that «I want to give the assurance that we will continue defending our territorial integrity», once the date of the ruling became known. The President added that «Chile will comply with and enforce the Treaty of 1904».

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