translated from Spanish: Héctor Tapia said that campus will train Fiestas PATRIAS: “Already had free days”

coach of Colo Colo, Héctor Tapia, attended this Wednesday at the media in the Conference Room of the Monumental Stadium then the four-day break from the campus, to start the implementation to thinking in the latter part of the season, especially in the duel with Palmeiras for the Conmebol Libertadores. “We have had days that we could give. Having a party so important for the club, for the country, could not be free. We will not have rest”, said DT emphasizing that it’s over”joke”time and confirming that it will train during the days of national holidays. “This week we went back to do our normal work with a wider week. It is our second day of physical-technical work. We will play a friendly match Friday against Santiago Morning”, he added. At the same time, to be consulted by the punishment that Colo Colo received for the Superclásico incidents, not being able play their next two duels of local public, Tapia said that “regretted the suspension (of the Monumental) do not share bad behavior. It is a pity that a minimum percentage affected the club and all the rest of the fans.” In another area, referred to return to workouts of Julio Barroso, who the last match to Corinthians suffered a nasal fracture. “It is important to count with him (Barroso) and all the rest. We have to see how it looks the rest of the week. It is not easy to play with a mask but we’ll see how it feels July.” When asked about the characteristics of Palmeiras and differences in relation to the clash with Corinthians, meanwhile, said that “they are teams playing fairly similar. By a logical thing one will face with the toughest opponents. They are experiencing a better present and there may be more trade.” “Palmeiras has rotated players and has had good results, has a complicated site but we have credibility in our work and our players: have demonstrated at the South American level are to fight on par with somebody”.

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