translated from Spanish: Kylie Jenner: «pregnancy changed completely my body super early»

celebrity Kylie Jenner gave birth in February this year to Stormi, after hiding her pregnancy during the nine months. In an interview with Glamour UK, entrepreneur suddenly is and said that «the pregnancy changed completely my body super early, but the truth is that I don’t care». According to, the process at age 21 was a «physical, mental and emotional» challenge, but nonetheless qualifies as a «wonderful experience». After giving birth, Kylie returned to a curvaceous figure, at least that’s what shows his followers on social networks. «But says that his fans can be a wrong idea of his physique in comparison to how it was before the pregnancy.» I have stretch marks on my breasts. I have the feeling that my stomach is not the same. My waist is not the same. My butt is bigger and my thighs are bigger. I mean, everything is». Jenner confessed that he has lots of clothes in your closet that is not good and said that he had to change his style to adapt to those changes. Its objectives are also non-physical level. «It would have returned to do the same again, but my breasts are like three times the size that it was before, something that worries me,» he told and said that he will strive to have abdominal. On the comments of so many haters on social networks, the founder of Kylie Cosmetics said that there are many negative things coming non-stop. «Affect me, but you end up developing a skill so that not to do so much. Nothing has lasted long enough to not be able to overcome it, so whenever it comes out bad news or a bad rumor, I know that it will end up blurring also. Everything in this life is passed, «it ended.

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