translated from Spanish: Locals pay rents «more expensive history»

a study conducted by the Office of the village city, from listings of apartments for rent, revealed than the price of the metro square is of $282,52 on average.


Thus, the monthly rent for a studio apartment reached a value of $9.491 and in the case of a three-room the average amount is $17.141.


According to the data, the average income of the inhabitants of the city is $18.367. Whereas that amount is that he warns locals to double the historic average and 52% of their wages already earmarked payment of rents in the case of an environment departments. It is the highest percentage in the last 100 years.

The survey, carried out by the tenants of the Ombudsman’s programme of care, was made in the ten neighborhoods in Buenos Aires with greater supply of housing at location, between one and three environments.


Studio apartments, the most expensive report shows also that, in proportion, the rental of Studio apartments is above the two and three rooms. The price of square meter in apartments with a room is $303,97 on average; two main rooms in three main rooms and $286,10 $256,03.


Prices sky-high | Photo: NALos most expensive districts: (average price of rent for 2 environments) Palermo $13. $825Recoleta 12. $830Belgrano 12. $712nunez 12.530

The most visible districts: (average price of rent for 2 environments) flowers $9. 209Villa of the Park $9. $880Almagro 10. 700Villa $11,560 rentals prices Urquiza Buenos Air city ES

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