translated from Spanish: Morena says that it will not be anything of educational reform; SEP responds that the law it supports

a day after deputies passed a point of agreement to urge the federal Government to cancel the teaching evaluation, the members of Morena, Mario Delgado Carrillo, Coordinator said that “of the reform “education is not going to be a comma”.
“Will fulfil the commitment to campaign and will appeal, it will not be an iota of educational reform,” he said at press conference.
However, on Tuesday the Secretariat of public education (SEP) said in a release the teaching evaluation remains constitutionally mandated.
“(…) processes related to income, promotion, recognition and retention of teachers to the national education system are clearly established and regulated by the existing legal order”, explained the SEP.
LEE: CNTE protest against the latest report of Peña Nieto and education reform unit reported that in accordance with article 3 of the Constitution, the National Institute for the evaluation of education (INEE) should issue guidelines to carry out the the performance evaluations of teachers, educational technicians and staff with guidance and supervision functions.
Delgado Carrillo said Tuesday that brunette is not against that teachers are examined, but “a punitive assessment established in the law of professional service teaching, where it is more a sanction”.
He said that evaluation should be a boost for the professionalization and not an instrument of punishment, as currently set out in the Act.
He defended the position of brunette totally abrogate educational reform, since it is a commitment of the President-elect, Andrés Manuel López Obrador.
He explained that it is also working on a few forums that are organized by the future education Secretary, Esteban Moctezuma, to listen to teachers and parents, situation that had not been done, so that you can build a joint proposal of the hand of teachers.
This, he added, to achieve a true reform educational and non-work.
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