translated from Spanish: Rebsamen: Relatives tell how to face their loss

parents of children who died in the Enrique Rebsamen College, with the earthquake of September 19, spoke of how hard that was to continue with their lives, to a year of tragedy. At a conference organized by the Asociación civil impunity zero, accused the authorities failed them. They asked for advances in research, since there are six people identified by their responsibility, and to not have been arrested, including the Director of the school, Mónica Villegas.
Óscar Contreras, father of Andrew, told in an interview that many relatives of the 19 children who died have had to turn to psychologists, psychiatrists, tanatólogos or even to try to overcome having lost a child in such conditions.
«It is real that one goes crazy. But not you become crazy nothing more than free, but because your brain begins to build scenarios of the had… That day had not taken him because there would be a sham, or I saw him a few hours earlier, I would have taken him. Then come to the questions that maybe you were guilty of leaving it, and isn’t out there, but there are moms who are as well, there are parents who say ‘is that my daughter was about to get out’…
«What then happens in your brain? Your brain starts to work all day, all night, and your brain does not rest, there comes a time when you need to medicate you to rest, to start living, to begin to understand life again», explained.
He has grown a little bipolar, he said, because it may be quiet, but to only listen to a song that I liked Andrew, gets irascible and easily exploit against whoever is close.
«I never had imagined what was pain. The pain starts here in the stomach».
During the Conference, they also gave his testimony Ana Velázquez, mother of Eduardo and Fernando Flores, father of Santiago and former Professor of the Rebsamen, while among the public, the families of other children were passed a box of tissues to clean the tears produced by the memories.
«This year, have lived the duel in a similar manner,» said Flores.
«It costs us to concentrate on our work, we have repeated periods of distraction, we live in a parallel world where we do not accept that our children are not. We also had labor problems, absenteeism, lack of commitment; Some even were about to suffer the termination due to lack of attendance. Finally, it has not been easy».
The next 19, matching a year of tragedy, some organized masses in memory of their children, and then gather outside collapsed school to give a position.
They expect justice on Monday, the Mexican bar lawyers, that have accompanied the case, will meet with the city attorney, Garrido Edmundo, to review advances in research, said Juan José Serrano, President of the Association of lawyers.
With the removal of debris from the school, which just began on August 20, have been finding more physical evidence that construction was poorly made, like a collapsed column because it endured no weight, or slabs that far above the 40 cm of thickness should be up for a building as well.
Also documents of the school which will have been added to the record of the investigation, according to Contreras.
What he as a father cannot believe is that the Director has not been arrested, when your face has appeared everywhere, and the case does not advance while she not present is. Although it relied on that, as well as them they no longer have a normal life, she may not live cloistered and hidden, and will end up making a mistake.
«And I do not think that she lives happy, because if you are throughout the day in a quiet House, thinking that it is hidden, I hope that his conscience someday touch what she preached with our little ones, say to always speak with the truth, that not lied and that your» see values; «then hopefully she someday fall into that and that his conscience dictates you having to surrender», commented.
In addition to justice by Rebsamen case, the relatives of the deceased children asked for a list of actions to prevent these tragedies from occurring, that listed Ana Velázquez:-establish clear responsible for irregularities, both institutions as officials with first and last name.
-A comprehensive review of protocols of Civil Protection schools, because the Rebsamen protocol indicated evacuate passing beneath the building that collapsed.
-Review of the actions that are carried out every September 19, where only is taught to evacuate, when experts say that what to do depends on what floor you are, or if it just rang the alarm or is already trembling , for which safer may be to take refuge in a load-bearing wall.
-Create a body that supervises the structure of schools and perform load tests, especially among buildings prior to the regulations created after the earthquake of 85.
-Invite the societies of parents to demand quality accreditations of the building where their children spend almost one-third of his life.
-The creation of an organism’s reaction in earthquakes it is duly equipped with heat sensors, tools, radios, purlins, cats.
– And the review of the equipment of the units of Civil protection of the delegations, because the past September 19, were able to see how they had no radios to communicate, and did so by WhatsApp.

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