translated from Spanish: Shootings in ranches of Parácuaro families forced to seek refuge in churches and schools, edil

Parácuaro, Michoacán-the President says of this municipality of Parácuaro, Uriel Bautista Cabrera, confirmed to this agency that shootings in ranches of Antúnez tenure, which were between antagonistic criminal groups and were recorded during the night of Tuesday until the first minutes on Wednesday, went to farm than fearful families are they took refuge in schools, an auditorium and in the Church.
In a telephone interview, the mayor said: “last night – families – came to the temple, to schools, to the Auditorium because they were afraid, they are very humble people and we agreed that they were to spend the night at those places”.
The mayor said that on Wednesday there will be a meeting with the Governor, Silvano Aureoles Conejo, where said that it would pose the situation living with the paracuarenses security: “- people came out of their homes – as a result of the crime” one can not control all this, people heard detonations, left their homes and sought refuge, I was in Mexico and right now I’m in Morelia, we’re going to meet with the Governor and I’m going to put the problem”.
He also said that more than 40 families were refugees in temporary shelters and stressed that this day the shooting stopped, allowing citizens to return to their jobs.
“Were more than forty people who went to shelters. Already now the people went out to work, say me that now you are all calm, I spoke with the Chief’s tenure and with some people and people are working, they are afraid, but they are already working, hopefully things are provided so people can make their life standard l”.

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