translated from Spanish: The budget as a necessary step in the new agreement with the IMF

with statements cross between the ruling party and the opposition, change was able to give a first step towards the treatment of the budget that will mark a strong set of face to the next No. 

Although the meeting was not attended by definitions, nor there were tensions that do involve a rejection in the face of legislative treatment which holds to the project in question. 

Budget and IMF. The advancement of funds like skyline as established, the economic plan agreed with the IMF seeks to strengthen argentina’s economy focusing on four pillars.

In addition to the protection of the most vulnerable sectors of society, promote the credibility of the Central Bank and to reduce the tensions inherent to the balance of payments, the Fund understood as priority “restore market confidence” Ca mbiemos expects to receive an advance of funds to early October | Photo: Touted NALa path towards “growth vigorous, sustained and inclusive and to a solid job creation” rests on a profound fiscal adjustment that has on the budget as a mirror.

How still the agenda for the budget?

14 September: send the draft budget to October Diputados.24: vote at the sessions of the Chamber Baja13 of November: If approved in Parliament, will vote on senators IMF change

Budget 2019

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