translated from Spanish: The hidden defects of Santa Lucia

project set in the grounds of the Base air military number 1, Santa Lucia, an airport that is complementary to the one of the CDMX and at the same time cancel that currently is built in Texcoco, is facing much s technical and financial problems that could mire the infrastructure of the following Government decisions. The BAM number 1 has already been studied by the own air force Mexicana (FAM) for decades. There is a study of 1995 whose conclusions are signed by the then-Commander of the base, Juan Arturo Villasana Castillo, which analyzes the feasibility of the airport alternatives at that time. Right on page 3 are the characteristics of the subsoil. Is lle «is expansive, have been in the past a Lake clay type, which has caused subsidence in slopes and access road to the base and some facilities… representing a limiting factor for large aircraft». This is a technical view which was expressed more than 20 years ago and since then in another context, but the characteristics of the soil of Santa Lucia remain the same from then, which is one of the elements that have not been studied sufficiently by the team of the future s ecretario of communications and transport, Javier Jiménez Espriú.Y but they have already addressed much issues having to do with the airspace and the use of new technologies, that only would increase the capacity to a maximum of 20%, to 440 thousand operations annual that today has the Airport International in the city of Mexico, to the colabotradores of Andrés López Manuel Obrador makes them lack lots of information. Constitute another problem of Saint Lucia the fogs that occur during the winter season and in rainy years (more and more). Start from October and last until January. More foggy days usually close the airport between 6 and 10 o’clock in the morning and sometimes up to 12 day. The problem is that this has a direct impact on operational efficiency. It was necessary to invest in equipment for category III in the case of Toluca, but also aircraft should equip and crews certified, which increases costs. This has been one of the reasons for the failure of Toluca and is a great weakness of Santa Lucia.aunque one of the arguments that are put forward to make St. Lucia is the cost of Texcoco, nor will have dimensioned correctly other costs, how to keep operating the AICM and c onstruir Santa Lucia, which includes several works in addition to the provisions in the draft José María Rioboo.A this add costs not taken into account, as it is the full repair of the Terminal 2 AICM, which would be essential to continue operating it and the maintenance of the entire infrastructure of the Benito Juárez, in particular of the tracks that must be re encarpetadas every six months. Goodbye CPTM
in one of those and the Tourism Board of Mexico (CPTM), directed by Héctor Flores, disappears as such and sectoriza in the Ministry of tourism (Sectur) as a new Undersecretary of promotion that would also absorb part of the functions of Promexico, the Agency which in turn commands Paulo Carreño. At least that is a proposal which pushed the next Secretary of tourism, Miguel Torruco. In the new structure will eliminate the Undersecretariat of innovation and development of tourism, by what would make them sense that restructuring. TMM adjust
the novelty is that Value, the financial group of Carlos Brener, is restructuring the debt of TMM, specifically of TMM maritime Division, the company José Serrano divest in 2007 to place bonds to 20 years by 9 thousand 500 million pesos. The fall of the oil market and cuts in contracts and payment terms of Pemex panorama changed its contractors. Today the passive round 10 thousand 500 million pesos and is working on its segmentation in three tranches with terms of rates and differentiated payment terms. INEGI drives
said you yesterday that from October the automotive industry will resume the sales report to retail, export and production segments and models. It will be the Inegi, chaired by Julio Santaella, who will receive and process the information. An additional novelty is that the segment of luxury that, from 2013, not to share your information will also be added. We talk about Audi that commands Walter Hanek, Mercedes Benz that Captain Radek Jelinek and BMW chaired by Maru Escobedo.aeromexico
go upset that deprives among the nearly thousand 950 pilots for Aeroméxico. It accuses Andrés Conesa overreact to dismiss the three pilots of flight 2431 that crashed in Durango. The presence of the third pilot in cockpit not amertitaba cessation and Yes an administrative offense, especially because the dismissal was attributed to weather issues. It was the straw that led the site to strike for October 1. The Guild claims violations to their contract. SUKHOI was
Interjet, who runs José Luis Garza, will withdraw its entire fleet of Russian manufacturer Sukhoi Superjet 100 aircraft. They are around 22 aircraft, of which 11 are in land due to lack of parts. These teams were acquired in 2012 and by what we know are replaced by the Airbus A320. However, the impact has not been very significant for the airline headed by Miguel German Magnani, since they represent just 10% of the company’s revenues.

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