translated from Spanish: Google chose to Buenos Aires for an environmental project: find out what it is

the city of Buenos Aires will be part of an initiative by Google for the «positive impact», called Environmental Insights Explorer.

Platform generates information about the carbon emissions of a city, both for consumption in buildings as by means of transport, at the time that relieves the potential of solar energy from the roofs of buildings. 


The information allows you to «design of transport policies that contribute to reducing emissions and plan renewable energy policies», was reported officially.

The project was one of the central themes of Horacio Rodríguez Larreta’s visit to the headquarters of the company in the Sililcon Valley Google tool was designed in collaboration with the Covenant of mayors for climate and energy and the platform Ma analyzes information from Google Maps to calculate the State of the cities emissions. 

This will provide much more precise information on the flow of transport, emissions and the potential of the city to generate solar energy. It is a great contribution to make Buenos Aires a city smarter, greener and resilient.

-Horacio Rodríguez Larreta (@horaciorlarreta) September 13, 2018Todo the available content is organized into four categories: emissions from buildings, emissions from transport, potential energy and climate projections 20 years compensation.

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