translated from Spanish: Proxy hit a sillazo a teacher in Chimbarongo

the College of teachers reported that at school F-413 Tinguiririca the Quezadas, a proxy hit with a Chair of iron to a teacher of the establishment, who was reci Bir 5 points of suture product of the cut that caused him the fact. Fernando Torrealba, the teacher assaulted, is 66 years old and was beaten when the agent entered the lunchroom. «I was in classes with children from basic fifth and they were all working, one of them did not bring the materials and he walked in the room spinning.» In that there was a discussion with another companion and they began to fight between them only of words, without physical aggression. With the altered mood, I said to this child to better leave room to avoid one bigger problem. When he left the room he called the Pope, I don’t know that it will be told. Then I went down and was in the dining room, because I am responsible for the power of the College, and there became the father of this child very upset, obviously not asked permission and just said that it wanted to locate Professor Torrealba and your child has told you that it was in the dining room. He came and wanted to attack me, pulled me a combo and I did the remove, then took an iron chair and threw it to me»said the professor.» There were children who were having lunch and when they saw that I began to bleed them began to cry, many began to shout and others were booting, asked to be called their parents take them to their homes,»said Torrealba.El Professor was transferred after the made to the Hospital of Chimbarongo, where only recommended you rest. School officials, said the Association of teachers they prevented the Attorney to leave the establishment and called police. The aggressor was formalized at the San Fernando courthouse in warranty and was with the measure precautionary ban on approaching the victim. The Vice-President of the Magisterium, Guido Reyes, said will be presented a complaint against the offender.

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