translated from Spanish: Require NGOs national register of common and clandestine graves

city of Mexico.-before the discovery of 174 skulls in 34 graves in Central Veracruz, civil organizations urged the creation of the national registry of graves and pits Cl that becomes a reality andestinas.

Such registration is referred to in the General Law on disappearance of persons, they recalled, in a joint statement, the program of human rights at the Universidad Iberoamericana, article 19, civic Data, the Commission for the defense and promotion of the Human rights and the Mexican team of forensic anthropology.

“Photo: Agency reform organizations stressed that the discovery of the mass graves revealed by the Veracruz Attorney joins others, as the of 350 bodies exhumed in Durango, Durango.” (De) 193 to 196 in San Fernando, Tamaulipas; 75 in La Barca, Jalisco, between 2013 and 2014; 292 skulls that were previously located in Veracruz, Veracruz, as well as more than 2 thousand bodies exhumed in the rest of the country, all of them between 2006 and 2017″.” This not only shows once again the situation of violence and violations of human rights that the country has gone through during the past 12 years, but that once again expose the urgency of having a national registry of graves and clandestine graves” . However, they regretted that the implementation of the General Law on disappearance of persons present delays within the deadlines established. In particular, to create mass graves registration organizations warned also that not all the Prosecutor’s offices of the States provide such information.
There are prosecutors or agencies that indicate how many bodies or remains of individuals have been exhumed in a municipality, but do not indicate the total number of graves found at each site.

“Not only this, but there are cases of mass graves inside (records of) the very institutions that are added, removed, or are simply not included from the start (in the reports) without giving an explanation about this”.

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