translated from Spanish: The farewell to Star: died Reneé Roxana, the mother of Ricardo Darín

at age 87 and with a long and remarkable career in film and television, died the actress Reneé Roxana, mother of renowned actors Ricardo and Alejandra Darín and Jane for several artists, including Chinese Darin, Clara, Antonia and Fausto.

TrayectoriaSu career includes outstanding works in theatre, film, radio and television. It was affiliated to the Argentina Association of actors since 1952 and collaborated in the Mutual Ministry. 

«Our heartfelt condolences to his family, friends and coworkers. A special hug his daughter, our beloved Alejandra Darín, President of the Union, his son Ricardo and Clara, Antonia, Chinese and Fausto grandchildren», lamented the organization before a statement in their social networks.

His first job was in the radio drama «And yet today I die» with Celia Juárez and Eduardo Rudy (Radio World). Then, he worked at LU9 Radio Mar del Plata and integrated the successful cycle «The adventures of Zorro» on Radio El Mundo with Ricardo Darín (father).

On Radio Splendid, he participated in «Delfor gala nights» and on Radio del Pueblo in «The three Musketeers of the ether» with Monti, Delfor and churches. He also joined the cast of the radio version of «A world of 20 seats» of Delia González Marquez. Together with Narciso Ibáñez Menta participated in his cycle of terror and accompanied Raúl Rossi on «all year is Christmas».

He was presenter of the big dance on Saturdays on Radio Belgrano. In 2004 he returned to radio with hilarious micros in FM Kabul titled «Inés Pequinés, a pet psychologist».

In cinema, took part in the films «Chiche Bombón», «Pepper», «Chechechela, una chica de barrio», «Crumbs in bed», «Poor Butterfly», «The age of love», «where they sleep two… sleep three», among others.

His television works include «true consequence», «Italian girl comes to get married», «Tengo Street», «The special ATC», «Comedies to live», «Chau my love», «His favorite comedy», «By that throb» and «Rincón de luz».

In 2012, he received Honorable career Podesta Prize, delivered by the Argentina Association of actors and the Senate.

Goodbye death actress

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