translated from Spanish: Hertz after failure of the constitutional accusation: “the crack of impunity continues to widen”

the Communist Member of Parliament, Carmen Hertz, referred to the decision of the Chamber of Deputies finally reject the constitutional accusation with “tra three Supreme Court judges, questioned by granting conditional freedom to convicted of crimes against humanity.” Yesterday marks a difference of a before and after, because for the first time that a Republican area he addressed with force is the issue of impunity and the crack of impunity that exists in this country against the crimes of extermination. The crack of impunity continues to widen”, he told Tele13 Radio.” Impunity is not only the lack of sanction, derisory sentences are forms of impunity that prohibited the State because they violate the right to justice which is inalienable,”she said. Hertz said that “the issue is that in the debate the ministers know that its obligation is not only legal, but it also ethical and social.” They know that the statute that first applies is international, is not something that is at the discretion of each State”. In his view, “there have never been policy to install the social truth of what happened.” It should be taught children the history of oppression to ensure non-repetition”.

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