translated from Spanish: Highest percentage of people choose to go to concerts in the spring: find out what are the upcoming events in the open air!

music that accompanies us seasons, becomes even more attractive with the possibility of attending concerts and events in the open air, and the spring is the ideal time to enjoy it.

According to Sebastián Mellino, Director of the Academy of song that bears his name, renowned music producer and composer, “music accompanies and helps, helps to recover the enthusiasm and renewed energy”.

In tune, a survey from StubHub, tickets of eBay marketplace, leaves showed that Argentines take full advantage of this stage of the year. 

The high season of events is coming: 41% of StubHub users prefer to attend musical events in summer, 34% in spring, 14% in autumn and the remaining 10% in winter. This suggests that the activity can be fired in the coming months.

The idea of an unforgettable experience is what leads to 40,07% of Argentines to get tickets to a concert. Indeed, the 93,18% ensures that he feels happier after attending a recital live.

To then make sure this entry to happiness, is useful to check the agenda of concerts from spring and until the end of 2018 because there are many options to enjoy the live music:

Marc Antonhy: qualified as the King of Salsa, Marc Antonhy will visit our country only a day to start the spring.  With the promise of making us dance, it is one of the events of the season to be given at GEBA Stadium. Marc Antonhy Ricardo Arjona: to sing and get excited, the Guatemalan singer, returns to the Argentina to appear on 5 October at the Polo field. His recitals are expected of the Latin American public. Ricardo Arjona Shakira: with presentations in Rosario and Buenos Aires, Shakira will return to all his charisma. October 25 will be presented at the Velez Stadium and the 27th of the same month in Rosario Central. Another one of the must-sees of the season. Shakira Abel Pintos: Without a doubt, one of the most prominent local figures, Abel Pintos promises to follow dazzled audiences with shows on 25, 26 and 27 October in the Estadio Obras.Abel Pintos Roger Waters: the founder d and Pink Floyd that made history on the international scene, has concerts scheduled for the 6 and 9 November in the unique state of La Plata. More that expected by Argentines this consecrated who has composed issues that they mobilized the entire world. Roger Waters Romeo Santos: Bachata, Romeo Santos referrer is synonymous with sold out each time that occurs in Argentina. That the fans prepare for 22 and 24 November to enjoy live. Romeo Santos CNCO: CNCO boys don’t stop to win popularity. The year they toured the continent and quickly sold out tickets in Argentina. Revelation of Latin pop, the band will be presented on 7 December at the Palermo.CNCO racetrack spring music


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