translated from Spanish: Zoo protects animals before the arrival of Florence

while 1.7 million people receiving the eviction order by the arrival of Hurricane Florence, North Carolina Zoo workers tried to see what to do with the 1,600 animale s of the Park. Immense located near Asheboro zoo employees moved back to elephants, giraffes, chimpanzees, and hundreds of other animals to facilities closed to protect them from the wind and rain will bring the storm. The spokesman Diane Villa said that the bison, Canadian deer and other large animals will be held in fenced areas because I do not like them being locked.

But other animals will be held in barns. A team of guardians, veterinarians and Ranger will stay with the animals at the Zoo while passing storm. In the animal park, located 120 kilometres (75 miles) West of Raleigh, animals usually have enough space where to be. It has 202 hectares (500 acres) for their animals, making the Zoo with the natural habitat in the world where you can see animals, it said Villa.” Most of these animals do not know how to care for themselves,”said Villa.agrego are getting into to closed facilities to animals that concern them, such as two chimpanzees, Ruthie and Nori, who need medications every so many hours. Two guardians will remain close to the animals to ensure that they receive their medicine on time.
The Zoo also planned to relocate 33 cages with birds such as vultures, owls, parrots and a condor of the Andes.

Workers will remain in four different facilities. The Zoo plans to be closed until Friday. In this note: United States Hurricane Florence Zoo of North Carolina

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