translated from Spanish: They denounce «In his own trap» by exposing an actress to a molester Tarot

a complaint before the National Television Council against the program Channel 13 «In his own trap» was the Deputy of national renewal, Ximena Ossandón, Member of the Committee on women and gender equality of the Chamber of Deputies.
The complaint is based on the emission of the chapter on Sunday 23 September, when it left itself exposed to a Tarot reader who is sexually exploited women. In that plot, the actress Claudia Muñoz was key, because it pretended to be one client, circumstances in which was also harassed.
According to the parliamentary, the actress despite agree and consent to what is happening, «was passed to take their sexual intimacy, without any TV station put brake».
«I defend that there is research work so that it is highlighted the crime is committed by any person. But what troubles me is that in this case the actress is defied on their rights as a woman, because finally that it is acting and do so on a voluntary basis, it ends being played even in their private parts,»said.
The lawmaker sent a letter to the President of the CNTV, Catalina Parot, exposing the case. Parot in addition shall be summoned to the Commission with the aim of addressing the program, «the sometimes unnecessary exposure which is made of women and also the ethical context that raises the issue of this and some other television broadcasts», according to Ossandón.

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