translated from Spanish: Event cultural ArtePuertoVaras in Puerto Varas

cultural event ArtePuertoVaras from 11 to 15 October will take place the fifth version of artePuer toVaras, artistic and cultural landmark of the Region of Los Lagos, on this occasion, and under the curatorship of Beatriz Huidobro, aims to reflect on the woman, from a cultural, social and artistic perspective. On this occasion, the honored artist will be the outstanding painter and engraver, Premio Nacional de Artes Plásticas 2015, Roser Bru.
Since its first edition in 2013, artePuertoVaras has established as a cultural event which, by bringing together the finest regional and national art generates a space meeting for the diffusion and artistic education, decentralizing art and culture, and establishing a dialogue on various topics, which vary in each of its versions. On this occasion, the curatorial proposal, in charge of the academic Beatriz Huidobro, is titled «women in art: reflective looks», and is intended to address a current theme, generating a reflection on the changes that are going on in our society.
«We want to highlight the work of women in regional and national artistic production, and generate a reflection on their role in today’s society. Decentralizing the national art, strengthening the Lakes Region as an important milestone for exhibition and creation, in addition to foster and promote access, participation and cultural consumption of the people who live in the region and its visitors, for generating a Centro cultural tourist attractions», says the curator.
Organized by the Foundation for culture and the native forest arts, under the management of María Angélica Lapostol, for the first time, the fair will take place, simultaneously, in three areas of the city. While the focal point will be the Kunstgarten – or garden of the arts-, an old park in the Centre of Puerto Varas, with panoramic view of Lake Llanquihue, the native forest Gallery and the Centre of the art mill Machmar (CAMM) will host major exhibitions complementary.
This is how the Kunstgarten will receive the work collective of about twenty artists, and galleries that, through different techniques, disciplines and modalities, will exhibit a selection of works by women artists, national and regional, in concordance with the curatorial theme of the event.
At the same time, in the center of the art mill Machmar (CAMM), will open the exhibition «Essential woman», which will bring together a selection of works by the honored artist Roser Bru, Premio Nacional de Artes Plásticas 2015. Around a gender speech, this sample builds images representing women through their personal biographies, using as a reference to various female characters in the story. Here, will present a reflection about the most radical experiences of the female body, from the materic maternity, to its series on female bodies mourners.
In addition, Sernageomin at the CAMM Hall will host the exhibition «Tales», composed by collages of writer and artist visual Marcela Serrano, which has developed since he completed his last novel and that have made it to reconnect with its roots as an artist.
For its part, the native forest art gallery will house the sample «Picture of woman», composed of a series of engravings of the collection of the art gallery of the University of Concepción. The exhibition aims to highlight the work of women cultoras of engraving in Chile, since its inception in the Decade of the 40 or 50, as Delia del Carril, Matilde Pérez, read Kleiner, Dinora Doudtchitzky and Roser Bru.
The event also includes a large schedule of lectures, discussions, workshops and film cycles. More information at

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