translated from Spanish: With wakefulness and giant screens will expect in La Paz the ruling of the Hague

the Plaza Murillo de La Paz, where live powers Executive and legislative, evokes calm on the eve of what will be a historic moment for the alt country iplanico, whatever the outcome of the decision of the tribunal in the Hague. But this feeling will not last long, since according to forecasts for Bolivians classic meeting point will be invaded by masses of expectant citizens at 09:00 (10:00 hours in Chile) Monday when you begin the reading of the judgment of the Court International Justice (CIJ). In question is the lawsuit brought by Bolivia against Chile, which according to the postulate of the neighboring country seeks to force negotiation of a sovereign outlet to the sea. According to the local authorities, in the famous Plaza Murillo will be a vigil over tonight, which will be attended by various political and social groups, who will expect the verdict altogether. And that line was announced the installation of two giant screens and platforms. Also other cities also issued the verdict, occupying various public spaces, reason why the police said they will deploy more effective to control security and order whatever happens. On the other hand the Bolivian Ministry of Defense commanded all barracks and military enclosures which decorate its facades with the colors of the nation: red, yellow and green.

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