translated from Spanish: 16 new mayors held protest in CDMX

the 16 mayors of the city of Mexico yielded protest before the plenum of the local Congress, during a solemn ceremony took place in the legislative halls of Donceles.
In this way, took office 11 mayors of Morena, two of the party of the Democratic Revolution (PRD), one of the National Action Party (PAN), one of the institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) and one of citizen movement.
One went to pay protest: Layda Elena Sansores San Román, by Álvaro Obregón; Vidal Morales Llerenas, Azcapotzalco; Santiago Taboada curtain, Benito Juárez; Manuel Negrete Arias, Mayor in Coyoacán; Adrian Ruvalcaba Suarez, Cuajimalpa, and Nestor Nunez Lopez, in Cuauhtemoc.
Also, Francisco Chiguil Figueroa, by Gustavo A. Madero; Raul Armando Quintero Martínez, Iztacalco; Clara Marina Brugada Molina, Iztapalapa; Patricia Ximena Ortiz Couturier, in Magdalena Contreras, and Victor Hugo Romo war, in Miguel Hidalgo.
They also yielded portesta by José Octavio Rivero Villaseñor, Milpa Alta municipalities; Raymundo Martinez Vite, by Tlahuac; Patricia Elena Aceves Pastrana, Tlalpan; Julio César Moreno Rivera, Venustiano Carranza, and José Carlos Acosta Ruiz, Xochimilco.
«You protestáis save and do save the federal Constitution, the local Constitution and laws emanating from them and play fair and patriotically charge that the village has ordained them to?. «If so it does not do so, that demands by the people», read the President of the Board of Directors, José de Jesús Martín de Campo.

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