translated from Spanish: 68 (4): Muñoz Ledo justified to Diaz Ordaz;

El Porfirio Muñoz Ledo who will chair tomorrow, 2 October 2018 reminder of the student movement of 68 ceremony today in Morena is the same Porfirio Ledo Muñoz which justified repression and unconditionally supported President Díaz Ordaz by Tla «telolcoEn 1969, as one of the rising stars on the horizon of the PRI and political goldfinch of Diaz Ordaz and Luis Echeverría, Munoz Ledo said that the repression in Tlatelolco was an act of revolutionary maturity» of the State and a decision to impose the » supremacy of political power». Since two grandstands, Muñoz Ledo exalted to tears to Diaz Ordaz by its report of 1969 where he assumed responsibility for the decisions of 1968.Los power texts of the two speeches of shameless, excessive and infamous eulogy to Diaz Ordaz) were on the wall of the ignominy of the repressive PRI: «we have experienced one of the joints more loaded of sense within our contemporary history (68): time which separated and who has finally linked three» decades of development with the three missing the revolution to fulfill his work during this century.» At the end of a long-term period of growth, strengths and interests unrelated to the will of the people sought to divorce it from the institutions of the Republic and the oldest reactionary backgrounds came to condense on the idea that the most imperative duty for Mexicans it is diminishing the authority of the State and invent a new constitutional regime.» Today, in a few countries like ours, young people find better possibilities of identification and service within the civil society. In very few could truthfully heard the promise that formulated here, makes almost two decades, the current head of our nation when he claimed that his contemporaries had be solid bridge that would pass the new generations to take care of his responsibilities with the motherland.» Throughout the world there is the conviction that recent movements of protest and rebellion have left as immediate aftermath the increasing power of the enemies of social change. With the strictest objectivity, we can say that social conflicts that took place in Mexico and who came to endanger the public peace did not leave as I balance the slightest increase of power or influence in favour of those who oppose the transformation accelerated and the autonomy of the country.» The Mexican head of State has put into this report (V) special emphasis to acts of his administration that attest to the sovereign position of Mexico abroad and that provide increasingly more independent economic developing… «said Diaz Ordaz, repeatedly, that no pressure would force the Government to «gain leverage over the sovereignty of the nation», and we can add with justice, that it did not not to deteriorate the State authority over individual interests that make up the community Mexican. With this intention has said that «no group, no industry, no class has the right to impose on others.» The majority will of the Mexican people is to decide.» In exercise of this mandate, the Executive Branch took their decisions and the responsibility that assumes, is – at the same time – the reaffirmation of the external sovereignty of the State and of the supremacy of public power in the interior of the country.» «As a member of this party (the PRI) and as a Mexican honestly trusting the fate of the new generation, nothing has moved me more deeply in the text of the V that the moral value and the historic lucidity with which the President of Mexico reiterates its confidence in the» cleaning mood and in the passion of the Mexican Youth Justice».» Our national revolution is the work of successive generations (…). Why us pain in anticipation of our young people sank in disappointment or frustrate their efforts by not being able or not wanting to decipher the structures of civilization are destined to transform. Policy for dummies: the policy is, is repeated, the art of memory. Sinaloa: the crisis provoked by the rains and floods in Sinaloa demands national solidarity. Governor Quirino Ordaz suspended its presence on a tour to the United States and Canada, and was left to lead the monitoring plans to meet victims. Average federal Cabinet has been in Sinaloa. Features to receive support: BBVA Bancomer 0112320665 Clabe: 012730001123206653.

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