translated from Spanish: After Chase

security home kill motorcyclist shot dead in Sahuayo, Michoacán after Chase kill motorcyclist shot dead in Sahuayo, Michoacan, Sahuayo, Michoacan.-a motorcyclist was deprived of the existence to be attacked to shot by a few individuals of whom previously attempted to flee in the municipality of Sahuayo.
The victim is identified as Omar n of about 23 years old, who according to the first data obtained by this half the victim was traveling aboard a motorcycle brand Italika of red around the peripheral of the municipal area, when a few unknown armed persons who were in a car started shooting against.
The boy tried to flee, but arriving at Javier mine Street between independence and Corregidora one of these shots wounded him and made him fall on your unit.
Already on the ground, the aggrieved was the subject of more shots that deprived him of the existence.
Attackers were on the run, after culminating with the killing, unless someone would identify them.
Municipal police officers attended the scene of the crime to cordon it off in order to preserve evidence that could locate.
Later personnel specialized unit at the scene of the crime, they went to perform the corresponding expertise and the lifting of the body to take him to the morgue in order to conduct the autopsy required by law.

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