translated from Spanish: After meeting the poverty indices, the Government resorts to the Church

the Government confirmed the order churches intensify their participation in the distribution of food aid in areas disadvantaged in the country, mainly in the greater Buenos Aires. 

This decision takes place after the announcements made by the INDEC, where indicated that poverty in the Argentina reached 27.3% in the first half of the year, and unemployment rose from the 8.7 to 9.6%.

Measure is both headed by the provincial Governor, María Eugenia Vidal, as well as by the Minister of Social development of the nation, Carolina Stanley. 

According to La Nación, churches will now participate in the distribution of 400,000 pounds of powdered milk and 120,000 food assistance modules, each consisting of twelve basic need nutritional products.

The idea of the Government is to religious bodies get more involved in the distribution of food and social support, looking for a way to give greater transparency and reduce the possible handling of political pointers. 

Provided on September 27 Thursday press conference Carolina Stanley made mention of the respect of this possible scenario, holding that this «not us runs from our central objective, which is still working every day to reduce poverty».

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